Not content with jamming the airways and taking over our cinema screens, One Direction now want in on the whole TV show thing too, apparently. As if essentially being born on television wasn't enough...

Don't worry, they're not trying to follow in the footsteps of The Saturdays and The Wanted with a Reality TV show. Sure they're far too important for that now, it's the big screen or nothin for this lot. Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn are reportedly thinking about taking inspiration from the late great Jeremy Beadle, and putting together their own prank show. The Daily Star says they fell in love Beadle's About, and quotes Tomlinson as saying the gang are eager to emulate its success.

"We want to do a TV prank show like that new one on BBC Three", the newspaper quotes Tomlinson as saying. "It was funny and full of practical jokes. We would like to do a show like that and prank celebrities."

We can't help but wonder how this lot would manage it though. Sure if there show were to go ahead there'd be too many screaming fans following them about for them to be able to avoid giving the game away.

Either way, as long as they keep it a little more Beadle (you'll NEVER beat Jeremy, sorry lads) and a lot less Ashton Kutcher we'll be happy. If it happens at all, that is.