While Bryan Cranston’s Hal was an absolute hoot (after which he gave us Breaking Bad’s Walter White - who would’ve seen that coming?!), Malcolm in the Middle’s younger characters were also highly memorable and great craic.

There was the hilariously dim-witted Reese, the strange yet fascinating Dewey, Malcolm’s best mate Stevie and of course the highly intelligent but socially catastrophic Malcolm himself.

It’s been 17 years, if you can believe it, since the show debuted and 11 years since it wrapped so obviously the kids have all grown up. We decided to have a look at what some of them are up to now.


Frankie Muniz – Malcolm

After the series ended, Frankie Muniz took on supporting roles in the occasional movie like Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and in TV episodes (often appearing as himself) but from 2006, his focus was more on a career in car racing – which he reportedly broke as many as 38 bones pursuing. Muniz also drummed for the band Kingsfoil, even managing it for a time, before quitting in 2014. In 2012 and 2013, he suffered transient ischemic attack, or "mini stroke", but in an interview this year said his health has no issues now. Muniz is currently a competitor on the US series Dancing with the Stars and apparently, he’s in with a good chance of making it to the final or even winning!


Justin Berfield – Reese

Since the series went off the air, Justin Berfield's only acting was in a guest role on Sons of Tuscon in 2010. Dropping out of the acting career, he is now, at 31 years old, the co-founder and chief creative officer of Virgin Produced, the film and television development, packaging and production arm of Sir Richard Branson's empire. As well as working for Virgin, Berfield posts photos of massive fish on social media.


Erik Per Sullivan – Dewey

The adorable, trouble-making Dewey was eight years old when the show first aired and 14 when it ended. Erik is 25 YO now and has kept relatively out of the limelight, though he did star in the title role in independent film Mo in 2007, and played opposite Zoe Kravitz and Chace Crawford in the film Twelve in 2010, his late credit to date. He uses Instagram to post throwback pics of Malcolm in the Middle to fans. Random fact - Erik voiced Sheldon, the cute sea horse who befriends the titular clownfish, in Finding Nemo.


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Craig Lamar Traylor – Stevie

We previously reported on what Stevie, Malcolm’s sweet and hilarious best friend, who uses a wheelchair and has difficulty breathing, looks like now. Check it out here.


Hayden Panettiere – Jessica

Hayden Panettiere’s character Jessica babysat Reese, Malcolm, and Dewey and would manipulate and play tricks on Reese and Malcolm, despite having a crush on Malcolm. Her episode arc was short but memorable and now she leads the cast of Nashville in the role of Juliette Barnes. Panettiere is also known for playing Claire Bennet in the sci-fi series Heroes and Kairi in the video game series Kingdom Hearts. As well as a long list of movie credits to her name, she is also now a singer and model. Not bad at all!


Tania Raymonde – Cynthia

Tania Raymonde played Cynthia, a Krelboyne girl who also had a crush on Malcolm (she was the unfortunately well-endowed young girl) but moves to Europe. When Malcolm in the Middle ended, Tania did a few films but really made a name for herself on TV. The actress is best-known for playing Alex Rousseau in Lost and the title role in the TV movie Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret. Last year, she starred in the Michael Bay-produced series The Last Ship and she is now a star of the current Amazon Video series Goliath.