Everyone has just about recovered from the debacle of Friday's Eurosong at this stage, and thankfully RTE have since provided further entertainment with hypnotic Prime Time loops and what not. Now that the dust has settled, what did host Ryan Tubridy make of it all on Friday night? He certainly looked a bit... shook, shall we say, after the events unfolded between Linda and your man from Aslan, although to be fair, he handled it well enough.

The presenter said that he loved it though, and told listeners on his 2fm radio programme yesterday: "As TV goes, did I enjoy it? Yeah, I did. I thought it was bonkers television and I like a bit of bonkers TV". As do we, Tubs, as do we.

He went on to say: "It was like driving a car with no brakes going down a hill. I quite like that. It's live. You won't get that kind of show on other stations because they will edit it all off and that's what makes The Late Late Show a little bit special."

'Special' is certainly one word for it.