Decades after these shows have aired, we find ourselves turning to them over and over again. So we asked ourselves, what makes a series so re-watchable?

In a day and age wherein we have more entertainment access than ever at the touch of a button and new shows to gulp up on a weekly basis, we have to wonder what they put into our most binged TV shows to give them so much staying power?

We all know it takes a couple of basics; good characters, a good premise, good writers, yadda, yadda, yadda. But in our unofficial study of some of our favourite repeat-watches, we've derived some of the key ingredients for creating a show that people just can't quit. Even long after it's over.

'The Office' Factor

A crucial element for Sitcom success is 'The Office Factor' and, yep, you've guessed it. That means accessible comedy. The kind of humour that's easy to listen to, register, and laugh (or not) at; the innuendos, the dad jokes, and the puns.

"That's what she said" has been noted to make even the biggest surly pusses crack a smile.

The 'Malcolm in the Middle' Factor

Within any great TV hit, there's an element of relatability to the lives of the characters — most of us know what's like to be a part of a family growing up — without the predictability of the entire plot. It must be conceivable within the world that we are super familiar with, and then fall within parameters of possibility, or push it, just slightly.

The 'Friends' Factor

Ross and Rachel and Chandler and Monica have shown us that opposites attract on tele — for an extra drop of intrigue, make sure they were just friends before becoming lovers.

We're pretty sure that this isn't all it takes, but these elements make crossovers into all of our favourite TV hits. Coincidence? We think not.

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