Anyone named Karen who doesn't fall under the "Karen" category - apologies in advance for what you are about to see.

The team over at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' have always been able to utilise our sweet and innocent children for hilarious effect. Known of course for the Halloween candy prank for many years - which has since become a little bit stale - this time around they've managed to get individual children on the Hollywood Boulevard to answer one simple question: What is a Karen?

Filmed during RuPaul's recent guest hosting gig on the chat show last week (Niall Horan also took to presenting too), the segment asked a wide range of children what they understood a "Karen" to be.

The general consensus online is that a "Karen" is a highly-strung, white woman who feels like her opinion on any given matter is gospel; anyone else with a different take on the matter is wrong in her eyes, and they might find themselves on the receiving end of physical or emotional abuse, or both. Oh, and she wants to speak to your manager. Luckily, many incidents involving a "Karen" have been caught on camera and - let's be honest - most of this footage comes from the US.

The "meme" has taken on such a global presence that many have asked what a male version of a "Karen" is because there are many of them out in the world too. While there's been no definite conclusion, "Ken" and "Kevin" are serious contenders, but calling a man a "Karen" is also acceptable.

So, what happens when a group of children are asked to describe this person? A wide range of answers, all of which are just as comedic as the one before it.

Here's the full What is a Karen clip.