It's finally here. After months of waiting, Euro 2016 is kicking off tonight as hosts France take on Romania. 

The tournament is promising to be one of the most exciting ever and will have a bigger interest than most for people on these shores with the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England all involved. 

RTÉ 2, TV3, BBC and ITV are broadcasting all 36 of the group stage matches live and to make things easy for you we've broken them down to highlight which channel is showing each game.


Friday June 10th

France v Romania (KO: 20:00) - RTÉ 2 and ITV


Saturday June 11th

Albania v Switzerland (KO: 14:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1

Wales v Slovakia (KO: 17.00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1

England v Russia (KO: 20:00) - TV3 and ITV


Sunday June 12th

Turkey v Croatia (KO: 14:00) - TV3 and ITV

Poland v Northern Ireland (KO: 17:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1

Germany v Ukraine (KO: 20:00) - TV3 and BBC1


Monday June 13th

Spain v Czech Republic (KO: 14:00) - TV3 and ITV

Rep. of Ireland v Sweden (KO: 17:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1

Belgium v Italy (KO: 20:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1


Tuesday June 14th

Austria v Hungary (KO: 17:00) - TV3 and ITV

Portugal v Iceland (KO: 20:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1


Wednesday June 15th

Russia v Slovakia (KO: 14:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1

Romania v Switzerland (KO: 17:00) - TV3 and ITV

France v Albania (KO: 20:00) - TV3 and ITV


Thursday June 16th

England v Wales (KO: 14:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1

Ukraine v Northern Ireland (KO: 17:00) - TV3 and ITV

Germany v Poland (KO: 20:00) - RTÉ 2 and ITV


Friday June 17th

Italy v Sweden (KO: 14:00) - RTÉ 2 and ITV

Czech Republic v Croatia (KO: 17:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1

Spain v Turkey (KO: 20:00) - TV3 and ITV


Saturday June 18th

Belgium v Rep. of Ireland (KO: 14:00) - RTÉ 2 and ITV

Iceland v Hungary (KO: 17:00) - TV3 and BBC1

Portugal v Austria (KO: 20:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1


Sunday June 19th

Switzerland v France (KO: 20:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1

Romania v Albania (KO: 20:00) - TV3 and BBC4


Monday June 20th

Russia v Wales (KO: 20:00) - RTÉ 2 and ITV4

Slovakia v England (KO: 20:00) - TV3 and ITV


Tuesday June 21st

Northern Ireland v Germany (KO: 17:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1

Ukraine v Poland (KO: 17:00) - TV3 and BBC Red Button

Czech Republic v Turkey (KO: 20:00) - RTÉ 2 and ITV4

Croatia v Spain (KO: 20:00) - TV3 and ITV


Wednesday June 22nd

Iceland v Austria (KO: 17:00) - RTÉ 2 and BBC1

Hungary v Portugal (KO: 17:00) - TV3 and BBC Red Button

Italy v Rep. of Ireland (KO: 20:00) - RTÉ 2 and ITV

Sweden v Belgium (KO: 20:00) - TV3 and ITV4