Considering how confusing 'Westworld' has been, it's no surprise that the marketing campaign for it has been equally as confusing.

The most recent trailer debuted just yesterday, but there's a hidden trailer that's been doing the rounds online since then. The trailer was found by a Reddit user, who just so happened to find it by an extremely convoluted way while on the show's official website.

The two trailers - one called 'When Caleb Meets Dolores' and 'Free Will Is Not Free' - take two completely different approaches. The first one is more like a romantic comedy (yes, really) while 'Free Will Is Not Free' has a far more sinister, ominious tone to it.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to 'Westworld' fans, as the show's revelled in uber-fans revealing secrets, Easter eggs, and all sorts of craziness online. Here's both trailers, which just so happen to be unlisted on YouTube.