It was only a matter of time.

Since marriage proposals in public places or events seem to be the thing nowadays, X-Factor couldn't go on for much longer without having one. So, sure enough, here it is.

The duo known as He Knows She Knows were on to audition in the third week and used Justin Bieber's Love Yourself as their song. Shortly after the so-so performance ended, out came the ring.

Take a look.

This needs to stop. We're not talking about X-Factor, mind, we're talking about public proposals.

Please, if you're reading this and considering doing it, don't. Just don't. 90%, if not more, of those who see public proposals happen are hoping and praying that the woman says no.

Really. That's the only reason people would be remotely interested in seeing you propose.

Not only that, it's cringey, it's ridiculously self-serving, it's been done a thousand times and it has to come to a halt.