As we reported a few months ago, beards are cesspits of fecal matter and awfulness that you need to remove from your face post-haste.

Keen beard supporter and comedy actor Will Forte turned up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to discuss the topic of beard and poop, with Forte mentioning that a lot of his friends continuously sent him articles on the topic.

So, wanting to ensure that his beard was poop-free or possibly poop-full, Forte submitted to a swab of his beard and decided to put the science to the test.

Acting as his support group was none other than former beard supporter Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame and Rachel Dratch, who'll you know from 30 Rock and SNL.

Take a look.

Look, we're just glad that Jon Hamm got rid of his beard because he looked like a homeless. Granted, Forte's beard is grown out for a purpose - namely, his hit show The Last Man on Earth.



Via YouTube