Sick of hearing about the Royal Wedding yet?

The good news that it'll all be over in a few days. The even better news is that SNL colleagues Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon are on hand to provide a p*ss-take courtesy of their brilliant TV commentator characters Cord and Tish.

They appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to preview Saturday's wedding and needless to say, it was fairly side-splitting. They even performed their Royal Wedding song (unfortunately not online at the moment), with lyrics including: "Far often in fairy land where lords and ladies dance / there lived a sad and lonely prince who dreamed of true romance / from a land across the mighty sea / a lovely maiden came / And Meghan was her name". It continued: "The wedding of the century / gonna make it happen / Harry and Meghan / gonna make it happen."

You'll be happy to know that their full commentary of the shindig will also be on TV (albeit HBO in the States) and will no doubt make it online at some point. 

Watch it below: