You may want to don a neck brace as a preventative measure for the whiplash all this nostalgia is about to give you.

After all the humming and hawing and teasing and tweeting, last night the cast of 'Will & Grace' revealed what they had been up to and what they revealed was the fact that they want to get people to vote (for Hillary). 

It was a strange micro-episode with bizarre editing and plenty of pop culture references shoehorned in to make everyone aware this was new material and not a rehash of an old episode, but the gang were the same old gang.

Will was still furious, Grace was still preachy, Karen was still, well, Karen, and Jack was the "unemployed, uneducated angry white man" whose soul/vote the others were fighting over.

Alas there was no cameo from Hillary (leave that to 'Broad City') or Cher, but it was nine minutes of throwback heaven (but if ever there was proof that you shouldn't bring sitcoms back from the dead, this is it).