Having Will and Grace, and more importantly Jack and Karen, back on our screens is the cure 2017 needs.

The cast and crew of the 'Will & Grace' reboot are excited to be back and they want us all to know it and be just as excited too in this new promo released on social media.

'Will & Grace: Journey to Now' is equal parts flashback, best bits, behind-the-scenes and preview of the rebooted sitcom and thankfully it looks like nothing has changed (apart from the cast getting bit older and the cameras getting a lot sharper), with the comedy beats still intact and the set and dynamics just how we remember them.

The jury is still out on whether or not we can put up with a live audience and canned laughter in 2017, but we're willing to forgive quite a bit if it means we get one of our old favourites back in fighting form.

'Will & Grace' is back in the world on Thursday September 28th.