While the character Jack Gleeson plays in Game of Thrones hates anything and everyone, we've always known our Jack was a much sounder man in real life.

One thing he does hate though, is celebrity culture. The star, who plays Joffery Bartheon in the hit show, spoke recently at the Oxford Union about just why he can't stand what it means to be a celebrity these days

He discusses how celebrities have become commodified, going back as far as Chaplin, in what was a very insightful talk. He went on to say how essentially, stars can be eaten up and spit out again by the media:

"What's ironic is that you see celebrity endorsing things like musical tampons, and appearing in advertisements for lavender scented teeth whiteners or something. Wielding goods whose sell by dates will ironically, outlast there's."

Musical tampons 'ey? That WOULD be interesting. Is that something that's in the pipeline? Does Jack know something we don't?!

The star also said he was worried about speaking at the event, considering the prestige of those that have spoke there in the past. "All I've done is act in a TV show and pretend to be mean, for money, essentially."

The star needn't have feared though, as he entertained the crowd throughout. You can watch for yourself below.

Sound man!