The Love Island final is here at last as tonight, the viewing public vote for which couple they want to see win the £50,000 prize. According to our poll, Amber and Kem are the couple you want to see emerge victorious, but let's face it, we all know that Chris and Kem are the real love story of the series.

Their bromance knows no bounds and it truly is guy love at its finest. We know they won't win, we know they can't win, but dammit, they are the only couple of people in that villa we really could see going the distance. Bros for life.

Love Island has put together a video of some of their best moments throughout the series, and it's further proof that these two really are made for each other. #Friendshipgoals #ChrisandKemforever #Sorryforusingahashtags

You can watch the longer version below...

Catch the Love Island final tonight at 9pm on 3e.