Lets just say it like it is. Joseph Gordon-Levitt can do no wrong. You know it, and I know it. If you need proof all you need to do is watch his dance number in 500 Days of Summer.

He certainly isn't any one trick pony either. As well as acting and the occasional dancing, he directs his own production company called hitRECord.org in which he works with writers, filmmakers, and musicians. This company now has its own TV show which is set to premiere on US cable channel Pivot shortly. However Joe being as sound as he is, has released it earlier online so us folk abroad can have a look.

The show will have eight episodes a season with each revolving around a different theme.

Will leave the introduction to the man himself who says;

"I'm deeply proud of this show, and I think you're realllllly gonna like it. Honestly, making this thing together with all the artists from around the world in our hitRECord community has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life so far. So, without any further ado, enjoy the show!"