We had a pretty awesome trailer for this new Netflix show a few months ago, however the one below is called a 'concept' trailer, because it's getting across the entire CONCEPT. Yeah we don't get it either.

The show however does look interesting, it's a sci-fi drama starring Daryl Hannah and Naveen Andrews, and written by movie writing bro and sis duo Lana and Andrew Wachowski, who have previously brought the world The Matrix series, V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas and most recently Jupiter Ascending.

It follows the story of eight people from around the world whose lives become suddenly and inexplicably connected, in that they all can sort of become each other whenever they want, because they are the same person... but not really. Sounds like this is going to mess with our mind, Matrix style.

All twelve episodes of the dramatic thriller launched today on Netflix so have a look and see what you make of it yourselves.

Here's the "concept" trailer below, while the original trailer is below that again.