For those of you that haven't watched Master of None yet on Netflix, what are you at? Get on it already as it's well worth your time.

Written by and starring Parks and Recreation's Aziz Ansari, the comedy is set in New York city with Aziz playing Dev, a thirty-year-old struggling actor making his way through life.

He's a far cry from his Tom 'treat yo'self Haverford character in Parks, but still funny just in a much more toned down and smart way. In fact, while it is a comedy, you won't be pausing for laughter or the like, it's more entertaining is a Woody Allen/Louie kind of way.

Each episode pretty much plays out like a short film about everything from parents to relationships all the way up to the everyday racism and sexism we have all sadly become accustomed to.

I recently got the chance to talk to Aziz Ansari about Master of None and how he went about making the show that everyone is talking about.

And I didn't say Treat Yo'self. Not once.