But we guess major celebrities have it iron-clad in their contract that when Ellen Degeneres asks for an interview, they can't say no. Depp joined Ellen to talk about everything but the scandal and even for anthropological reasons, it's interesting to watch how carefully he conducts himself in light of recent events - none of which we're clear on yet.

The Alice in Wonderland actor star treated fans to an impressive impression of Donald Trump - shudder - while Ellen took time to point out his celebrity Doppelganger, Justin Bieber. The only hint of a tint of a reference to the recent furore we picked up on is when Depp says that Bieber is probably a little cleaner and more pure of soul than he is. To which Ellen says, he's not.

He's certainly a lot less chipper than the last time he appeared on her show, with Gwyneth Paltrow.