James Van Der Beek DOESN'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT DAWSON'S CREEK! Okay, you guys??

Ah no, we do feel for the bloke, it's been 15 years and no matter what he has done since, be it CSI: Cyber or.... *quickly scrolls through his IMDB*, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, he cannot escape questions about everyone's favourite nineties/early noughties teen drama.

He'll smile, he'll nod calmly, but his eyes always show a deep weariness we'd actually love to see him bring to a role one day. (Take a look at his interview on This Morning a few months ago to see more of what we mean.)

US chat show host Andy Cohen really doesn't care how much Van Der Beek hates talking about it however, although he did say he would get all his Dawson's Creek questions over with in a quick fire quiz for the actor called "I Don't Wanna Wait".

Questions included whether he wanted Joey to end up with Dawson or Pacey to which he replied that he liked the show's ending "the way it is". Van Der Beek was however foggy on some other details and completely forgot that Michelle Williams' character Jen was given a heart condition and died in the final episode. If only we could forget so easily...

The actor was also asked whether he was surprised when Holmes tied the knot with Tom Cruise in 2006, to which he replied after a pause, "Yes,"

Have a look at the full quiz below:

Van Der Beek can currently be seen on Room 104 on HBO and will next be on our screens playing famed DJ Diplo on Viceland's scripted series, What Would Diplo Do?