If you'll recall last week's episode of Graham Norton, Warren Beatty was quizzed on a number of ridiculous gossip stories and his mute reaction was registered as true or not.

Obviously this is becoming a bit on Graham Norton Show and, to be honest, it's not half bad. This week's entrant was international dreamboat and actually-prettty-decent-coverer-of-Prince, Harry Styles. As you'd expect, the questions were random and ridiculous - but surprisingly, some of them turned out to be true.

On the question of whether or not Harry Styles brought carrot cake to a Fleetwood Mac concert, this turned out to be true. On whether he uses sheep placenta to keep his face looking so silky smooth, the answer was - sadly - false.

The one we're interested in - did he audition for Han Solo - came in at the end and the results were... indeterminate. Take a look.

As we know already, Styles is due to appear in Christopher Nolan's upcoming World War II epic, Dunkirk, and it's likely that Styles is keen to give acting a proper chance. Not only that, basically under white male actor under the age of 30 tried out for Han Solo. Our own Jack Reynor came down to the wire for the role.

It's completely conceivable that Styles did, in fact, audition but got nowhere with it and you could definitely see a resemblance of sorts to young Harrison Ford. Whether he can act or not, that's the real question.


Via YouTube