If you were watching Vincent Browne on TV3 last night you will know exactly what we mean here, and why the journalist is the talk of the town this morning.

Browne was joined by a panel of guests as usual for his current affairs show which last night included Jerry Beades from the Land League, with the topic at hand being the repossession of solicitor Brian O'Donnell's Killiney home.

To put it very, very simply (hey, we're not a broadsheet), Beades is on Team O'Donnell while Browne is very much on Team Repossess.  Fight! Fight! Fight!

As you will see, round one very much goes to Browne who continuously told Beades to just shut up and stop interrupting him.

Viewers were most likely squinting their eyes wondering if they were in fact watching a Mario Rosenstock sketch, but nope, this was the real deal with Vincent Browne at his finest!

Watch below....

Remind anyone else of this?