We're not going to lie, the idea of a Victoria Beckham solo Carpool Karaoke doesn't exactly inspire us but maybe there's a Spice Girls special in the works? Although if that's the case, Corden's going to need a bigger car.

Victoria Beckham joined Jessica Chastain and Lisa Kudrow on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' last night and took part in a game called 'Flinch' which involves Corden firing fruit at his guests via a high-power cannon as they stand behind plexiglass. Sounds like fun, right?

Well it's usually only fun for Corden, and last night saw all three guests, Kudrow in particular, to not really enjoy the game.

The real joy, however, came when it was Corden's turn to stand behind the glass and let's just say that VB got an almighty revenge.

Do not mess with Posh Spice, she be brutal AF.

Beckham also shared some 'Top Secret' behind the scenes footage on Instagram showing her prepping a 'Carpool Karaoke' with Corden. She was alone as she got ready and got into the car but fingers crossed someone else shows up. We don't really need to hear 10 minutes of 'Not Such an Innocent Girl' or 'Out Of Your Mind'.

Actually, maybe we do.