When Paul Connolly went off to America to find out more about the Deep South's traveller population he was bound to attract a bit of attention, but we doubt he was expecting to sit down with a newscaster who couldn't even pronounce the name of the Irish capital.

TV3's investigative journalist appeared on Good Morning Memphis to talk about the new series and found himself in the middle of a rather bizarre interview. FOX anchor Valerie Calhoun struggled to pronounce the name of the nation's capital before launching into a short string of questions, including one about Mr Connolly's own heritage. You really have to see it to believe it.

We're not sure which part of the interview we found most confusing: The fact that yer wan seemed so oblivious about the world around her, or the bit where she referred to Connolly as though he wasn't sitting on a stool just a few feet away from her.

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