You would think that someone along the way would have piped up and said how cringeworthy a watch this was bound to be but we doubt there's any shame left in Jessica Sheers and Dominic Lever that would have prevented them from getting "married" on live TV this morning.

The 'Love Island' duo took part in the clearly planned spectacle on today's 'Good Morning Britain' and "tied the knot" wearing the typical 'Love Island' outfit: swimwear.

The couple got engaged last September (after meeting on the show in July) and true to their hasty nature, forwent their plans for a wedding in Mykonos and let Richard Arnold emcee the ceremony, while Jeremy Kyle, Kate Garraway, and Charlotte Hawkins watched, bewildered.

The reaction online was less than complementary.

You can watch the whole ungodly thing below but trust us, it isn't easy viewing.