Who doesn't love a good episode of The Chase? It's game show gold.

Sure, it requires a good general knowledge but it's excellent training for the next pub quiz you will inevitably find yourself at some point soon.

It's all plain sailing watching the show from the comfort of your couch, but we can't imagine the pressure contestants must feel actually playing the game, especially when they have to go up against the likes of The Governess.

For that reason, we'll go easy on yesterday's contestants on the show for making an hilarious mistake that may have cost them £10,000.

In the final moments, they had a chance to stop The Governess from going the distance when she stumbled over a question near the end of her chase.

The question asked by presenter Bradley Walsh was: "A Finsta is a fake account on what social media site?"

The Governess mistakenly answered Facebook so the question was thrown to the contestants who intelligently deduced that the clue was likely in the title somewhere and that it was probably either Twitter or Instagram.

So which one do you think they went with?



Watch below: