It's a year since TV3's brand new soap Red Rock hit our telly screens and there's no denying it has lived up to expectation. In face it's almost a bit too slick to be even called a soap but sure we won't get bogged down in the details.

Red Rock took a summer hiatus on us there but it returns tonight and seems action packed with drama galore.

It ended on quite the cliffhanger in June as Garda Adrijan Kosos was knocked down in that horrendous hit-and-run, here's hoping he is somehow alright! While we will also see if Katie went through with the abortion or not after that emotional airport scene.

From the looks of the trailer below, love is in the air for Michael... he obviously isn't letting that threat of a life sentence get him down. While his poor mother seems to be offering up their life savings to get the charges dropped.

Oh and that Rachel young one looks to have taken up with the resident heroine addict Conor, better than hanging around with that evil Garda Brian fella, who has long gone. Well, it's hardly better... in fact it's just as bad really. They do like to keep things dark on good old Red Rock!

Check out the trailer below, while you can watch the first episode of the new series on TV3 tonight at 8.30pm.