Last night saw a number of well-known Irish people have their DNA tested on the Late Late Show.

Eamonn Dunphy. Maura Derrane, Jason Byrne and Michael Healy-Rae were subjected to a barrage of DNA testing to determine just how Irish each of them were, and more pointedly, where in Ireland they hailed from.

In the course of testing, a number of results proved a little shocking for the Kerry TD. First and foremost was that his DNA was, in fact, from Cork as opposed to Kerry. More pointedly, however, was the fact that Healy-Rae was the only one out of a panel of four who tested 100% Irish.

In other words, Michael Healy-Rae is completely and genetically Irish. When they look up a dictionary for Irishman, Michael Healy-Rae and that flatcap of his will be there because he is 100% Irish.

Let that sink in for a moment while you watch this.


Via RTE / YouTube