If you've ever watched Conan with any kind of regularity, you'll know that some of the show's best moments came not from him - but from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

For those who don't know Triumph, it's pretty simple. He's a puppet with a cigar and a microphone who turns up at well-known and highly publicised events and pretty much insults anyone and everyone he comes into contact with. He's been around for years - famously getting into a spat with Eminem at the MTV Music Awards one year and then later featuring in one of his music videos.

So, it's no surprise that Triumph was sent out to cover the inauguration of Donald Trump and, sure enough, it's seven minutes of a man with a dog puppet on his hand insulting Donald Trump voters and supporters to their faces.

It's glorious stuff. Take a look. Best line? "Mike Pence is so uptight he needs to take a roofy just to masturbate."