Well there's a headline we never thought we'd write, but what can we say? Fair City are pulling out all the stops this week for their 25th anniversary. Were you watching last night? Madness! Between the Street Fighter style scrum of Paul and Michael, the car that was laden with cocaine and poor old Christy suffering a heart attack, our nerves were nearly GONE by the end of it. Edge of your seat stuff, and made for unexpectedly brilliant TV, in kind of a hilarious way, but still.

Tonight, the shocks and drama continue, as the story turns to Dan and Carol and their exploits out in a Greenhills industrial estate. It will basically resemble a scene from a Michael Bay movie as the pair must leg it away from an explosion. Would be a lot cooler if they slowly walked away without looking back, but we can't have it all. That's not where it ends for Carol and Dan though, let's just say life threatening situations... make the heart grow fonder...

Watch the trailer below;

You can see all the drama unfold (again) tonight at 8pm on RTE One.