We don't know if it's the upbeat music in the trailer, the fact that we love both stars of this show or that basically everything Tina Fey touches turns to gold, but we are pretty excited about seeing this new comedy series for Netflix, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Starring The Office's Ellie Kempar in the lead, along with 30 Rock's Jane Krakowski, it tells the story of a girl called Kimmy Schmidt, who has spent the last fifteen years in a bunker as part of an apocalypse cult who all believed the world had ended. I guess nobody bothered to check it hadn't.

So basically, everything is new to young Kimmy who has to try and make a go of things in New York city with basically zero life experience.

We're aware that none of this may sound particularly funny, but trust us, you'll be smiling by the end of this trailer.