Can you believe there are only three episodes left of this season of Game of Thrones? It's going far too fast for our liking. There have been the usual array of twists and turns along the way, most of which have been provided by Littlefinger. The lesson we have all learned this season so far? DO NOT mess with Littlefinger.

Although looks like Sansa Stark may the only one to stand up to his deceptions if the trailer for episode eight is anything to go by, which is probably as ill-advised a move since Rob and the fam decided to attend a wedding in Lord Walder Frey's gaff.

Elsewhere in the trailer we see the duel of the series as Oberyn Martell (or The Red Viper) takes on The Mountain, who is pretty much the size of the giants Jon Snow spends so much time talking about over on The Wall.

Speaking of Jon, things are about to kick off for him too as Mance and his army start to close in. Oh and how could we forget, Theon Greyjoy is back! Although he believes he is Reek now as Ramsay convinces him to return home posing as, eh, his former self? We reckon that sister of his will sort him out though. We've got to see that Ramsay have the smile wiped off his face at least ONCE before season end.