The Tracy Brothers are back! Fighting crime and being their general awesome selves once more. ITV are remaking the popular series fifty years after the the original show created by Gerry Anderson was aired.

Although the brothers certainly are looking a little different since we last saw them and have been digitally enhanced to within an inch of their life, but come on, those original puppets were pretty creepy in fairness.

The remake has even got some big names attached to it too as Oscar nominated Gone Girl actress Rosamund Pike will be voicing Lady Penelope, while Fonejacker’s Kayvan Novak takes on Brains, and Game of Thrones actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster voices John Tracy.

There will also be a voice from the original 1960s series too as David Graham, aka Parker, reprises his role.

You can catch Thunderbirds on CITV this spring, while the trailer is below!