TV audiences last night got a double-whammy of Graham Norton as he was hosting both Adele At The BBC and his usual show with a few familiar faces.

Tom Hanks was on to promote his new film, Bridge of Spies, when he was quizzed about - amongst other things - Toy Story 4. Hanks confirmed the release date for 2018 and that it's already in production and recordings are underway, which is just great news.

On the topic of voices, Hanks discussed how he came up with the Forrest Gump voice by doing a spot-on Robert Zemeckis impression (he's the guy who directed Forrest Gump) and then did a complete reenactment of Forrest Gump's voice.

Take a look.

After nearly two decades, he hasn't lost the voice. Also, kinda crazy to think that little Forrest Gump is a US Army veteran and not the weird kid with the leg-braces and swinging hips.

We're also loving the low-level shade being thrown at David Walliams by Hanks and Capaldi because, let's face it, David Walliams is a bit of a pain in the face.

You swam the English Channel, man. That was nine years ago. Move on.


Via YouTube