Catherine Tate's brand of humour isn't for everyone - and it's no surprise that the Catherine Tate Show never travelled internationally.

Nevertheless, it's still hilarious and seeing Americans react to it is always a joy. They really don't come any more stereotypically American than the Cruiser himself, Tom Cruise, and last night saw him sharing Graham Norton's couch with his Jack Reacher co-star Cobie Smulders, Jude Law and - of course - Catherine Tate.

As well as dashing everyone's hopes for a second Top Gun, Cruise was also exposed to Catherine Tate and her Nan character from the show. What made it all the more interesting was you could see Cruise trying to follow along and only catching the final part before he cracks up.

Take a look.

You can't really tell if it's awkward laughing or if it's because he actually found it funny and can't believe Graham Norton has people cursing on it. Either way, it's too f*ckin' funny not to talk about.

Also, how good was The Catherine Tate Show as well? This just brought it all flooding back, to be honest.


Via YouTube