There's no denying it, Christmas is the next stop for 2016 and although Halloween was literally only a few days ago, already the shops are crammed with festive items and the yuletide TV ads are starting to appear.

This time around, TK Maxx have decided to try something a little different. Their ad begins like a typical family Christmas, with everybody sitting around a piano (we don't know why it's 'typical', that never happens in our house). However instead of launching into Christmas carols, they all break into an rendition of the Misirlou, which you will know as the theme tune to Pulp Fiction.

Yep, it's fairly random. There's even a beat-boxing grandad.

Commenting on the campaign, Deborah Dolce, Group Brand and Marketing Director at TK Maxx said: "We all remember the childhood fun of ripping open a present to find a fantastic surprise inside.

"We want to foster this long-standing Christmas tradition and so are encouraging shoppers to go ‘off list’ and handpick something different and delightful at TK Maxx."