It's all about the Late Late Show today as Ryan Tubridy returns to our TV screens to remind us that we have nothing better to be doing on Friday night than to sit and watch him talk to whoever's passing by Donnybrook.

Ah well.

As mentioned, Philly Rose and all-round legend Maria Walsh spoke to Tubridy about not expecting to win the competition (please) and 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy's Baz Ashmawy getting tasered by his mother.

However, Joan Burton was the main guest, with Tubridy giving her a fair grilling about her cinema of choice in Dublin - she prefers the Lighthouse, apparently. We would have said Joan was a fan of Cineworld on Parnell St. or even Vue out in Liffey Valley.

This Vine, however, perfectly captures the audience's reaction to Joan.


Yawning. At a Late Late Show. Unbelievable.

You're clearly not winning them over, Tanaiste. If this was Graham Norton, we'd have pulled the Red Chair a while ago.