Let's get this out of the way before we get complaints in the comments section - yes, there are spoilers in this video.

But let's be honest - who honestly isn't up to date with Game of Thrones at this stage? People who are just now waking up from a coma or returning from outer space?

Anyhoo, this adorable little video depicts in almost Peppa-Pig like cuteness the truly awful, brutal and sadistic way people are killed off in Game of Thrones.

We could be wrong, but that singer sounds quite a bit like Regina Spektor? Is it Regina Spektor? Checking... checking... nope. Never mind.

You might recognise the song, however, from a PSA that went viral a few years ago. The song and the cute animation was used for rail passenger safety.

The song, believe it or not, even charted in certain parts of the world. Madness, altogether.

Enjoy cute and cuddly murderers!



Via YouTube