Game of Thrones finished up for its seventh season earlier in the week, and as we prepare ourselves for the final six episodes ever, take comfort in the fact that there are likely to be spin-offs on the way. While HBO has locked nothing down yet, a mysterious trailer has appeared online that is baffling everyone.

On Tuesday night a trailer emerged on YouTube for a show called 'Westeros', basically a modern-day take on Game of Thrones featuring a Lannister Prime Minister, roads running through the North and a lot of plotting to take down the powers-that-be.

And it looks seriously good.

Yes, it's clearly not a real show but we're very much on board for it becoming one.

It's also well-shot and looks like it wasn't cheap to make, so whoever is behind it, definitely put a lot of effort into it.

Westeros 2019, let's make it happen.

Have a look below and tell us you don't agree.