There's not much I can say here that can possibly describe the personality, and the sheer talent of this little dude you are about to see. This kid is wired to the MOON. Never has there been a guest more excited to see Ellen, and he didn't hide it!

Elias was ecstatic to meet Ellen, and hugged her about five times throughout the interview, calling her a 'little cutie'. Entertaining - just doesn't do him justice.

He announced to the audience that he had two dreams in life - one to play in Carnegie Hall, and the other to be on the Ellen Show, and both had now come true. Oh yeah, and he's SEVEN.

It's all a bit of a laugh, until he gets behind the piano. Not even sure how it's possible for his little fingers to make such music.

I know we've built this up a lot now, but he's just that good. Definitely not that last you'll hear of him.

See for yourself: