Let's have a show of hands. How many of you seen A Clockwork Orange? Or Raiders of the Lost Ark? How about The Shining?

We're going to guess a fair few of you will have seen at least one of those films if not all three. If so, then our next question is how many of you had seen the most iconic moments from each parodied in The Simpsons before the original?

Certainly in our case, we'd seen Homer go something something after an extended time of no TV and no beer in Treehouse of Horror V long before Jack Nicholson scared the bajaysus out of us when we saw The Shining for the first time. Nevertheless we still enjoyed the parody immensely. That's what marks a great movie parody. When you can still enjoy it even if you've never seen the original reference. To this day, nobody does movie parodies better than The Simpsons

Vimeo user cgmzz has put together a side-by-side video of some of the show’s best movie references, with music from the Benny Goodman Orchestra! You probably already know most of them, but it’s still fun to remember the time an episode about Homer getting a snowplow turned into an homage of the bloodiest, most bullet hole-ridden scene from The Godfather.

The Simpsons movie references from cgmzz on Vimeo.


Via Uproxx