What a simpler time Ireland in the '80s and '90s was.

We only had the two channels, unless you were fancy and you had the English channels. You got the RTE Guide the week before Christmas that would see you through until the New Year and you could scope out the films for Christmas Day and the like.

All while drinking your TK Red Lemonade and eating Scots' Clan and a Curly-Wurly from the Selection Box. Simpler times.

This collection, compiled by YouTuber and VHS archivist killianm2, really is a special kind of nostalgia. It's not necessarily anything specific, but it's all those familiar jingles and logos everywhere that's doing it for us.

We actually can specifically remember watching Roxanne with Daryl Hannah and Steve Martin when we were way too young and not honestly understanding what exactly was happening.

All we knew was Steve Martin was the guy from that film about the talking motorway sign (LA Story, by the way) and that Daryl Hannah was very pretty.


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