When we're talking about our favourite comedies, It's Always Sunny is up there, so we can only presume that the Russian version will be just as good...right?

Charlie, Mac, Dennis and Dee are some of the best comedy characters created for television in the last few years, and having been devoted to the show since the first season, we'll happily watch more of it until the cows come home.

However, given that our Russian is a bit rusty, we might not be able to understand this new version of the series, which has imaginatively been called It's Always Sunny in Moscow. The show launched on THT in Russia in May and in it, the four friends still own a bar, called 'Philadelphia', and they probably get up to equally zany schemes. 

They've managed to find a fairly good look-a-like for Dennis (Glenn Howerton), but we're not so sure on the others, we must admit.