The Wolf of Wall Street comes out tomorrow, and let us warn you, it's a film you almost need to fasten your seat belt to watch.

Star of the film, Jonah Hill, was on the Graham Norton show last Friday talking about the movie. Interestingly, he said how himself and co-star Leonardo DiCaprio actually went out to dinner with the real Jordan Belfort (who the film was based on) to get an idea of what he was like. As well as this, Jonah also had a funny anecdote about Martin Scorsese directing the orgy scenes. (Yes, there are orgy scenes). It seems as good as Scorsese obviously is, even he felt awkward, with Jonah describing it as really just 'unhygienic'.

You can watch the clip below and read our review of the film here.

Definitely worth the watch and God dammit Academy please give Leo the Oscar already!