*Spoilers of the season five kind lie below.*

It's been a few months now since we bid farewell to season five of Game of Thrones, and sadly along with it, Jon Snow. Although if you have read our Game of Thrones stuff before, you will know that we are very much on 'Team Jon Snow Lives'. Or perhaps 'Team Jon Snow is Coming Back from the Dead', but the first one is catchier.

A Game of Thrones superfan and clearly a pretty talented video editor put together this fantastic montage of our hero Jon Snow, from his early days at Winterfell, to his romance with Ygritte, all the ways up to those final heartbreaking moments - and it truly is the montage you didn't know you had been waiting for.

It seems the video's maker is also a Jon Snow believer as the final words aptly go to Samwell Tarly who says: "I've been worrying about Jon for years. He always comes back."

While it also includes a line from Aemon Targaryen who tells Jon; "Let the boy die, and the man be born." 

And that Aemon was a very wise old fella. Just sayin...