Have you had just about enough of all of these superhero films and TV shows lately. Aren't they just taking up the space of what used to be great lower budget dramas, comedies, and independent works?

If that's how you feel, get out of here. Now.

No, seriously go, because the first trailer for DC's 2016 TV show, Legends of Tomorrow, just landed, and we think it looks awesome.

If you're wondering do we know any of the characters, the answer's a big old NO. But they look cool as f*ck, and judging by the trailer they are either the cause of, or solution to loads of fancy gun fights. Either way, we're on board.

It's not scheduled to come out until 2016 in America, on The CW, and no information about how we're going to get to see it has been announced yet, but we'll keep you posted.

Also, if you're wondering where you've seen those two shaven headed guys with them fancy high-tech goggles and guns, they're the brothers from Prison Break. Mind. Blown.