Trump's America and killer clowns. Yep, we're never sleeping again.

Some would argue that we're currently living out a season of 'American Horror Story' in our everyday lives with the Donald in the White House but Ryan Murphy is ramping up the terror with the next season of the anthology series by adding absolute nightmare fuel to the mix in the form of killer clowns.

Kicking off with election night, the trailer quickly sees Sarah Paulson's character descend into what everyone else thinks is madness as she starts seeing evil clowns everywhere, clowns that seem to have something to do with her new evil babysitter (played by Billie Lourd) who is acting at the behest of Evan Peters, a man who is far too happy that Trump won and apparently just wants to watch the world burn.

Sounds like a fun time, right?

'American Horror Story: Cult' premieres on FOX on Friday September 8th at 10pm.