It's here, the big one.

As fans of the show will know, episode nine of Game of Thrones is greatly anticipated and feared in equal measure. In previous seasons it's seen the likes of the Red Wedding go down, Ned Stark's death, and it's when some of the biggest battles of the show have taken place.

This season's penultimate episode is no different as it looks like we are going to get one full hour of action straight from... The Battle of the Bastards! (That's legit what the episode is called.)

Jon Snow and his army will finally face the show's greatest villain, Ramsay Bolton, in what's set to be a battle that is bigger than anything ever seen on the series.

We can only hope they didn't bring Jon Snow back just to kill him off again, but who knows what evil tricks the Game of Thrones Gods have in store for us?

He does explicitly say he doesn't want to be brought back to life this time however, which is fair enough like.

Watch below;

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