Conor McGregor is the name on everyone's lips today after securing yet another victory in Boston last night, meaning he will now go on to face Jose Aldo for the title.

The UFC fighter has taken the world by storm this last year or so and while we saw the beginning of his journey to the top in the documentary special 'Reality Bites: The Notorious', a new six-part series for RTE will follow up on his incredible story.

Speaking about the new series Bill Malone, Channel Controller for RTÉ2, said; “Firstly, I want to congratulate Conor on his brilliant win last night in Boston - another awesome performance. The Notorious is a terrific series and offers exclusive access to one of the most charismatic, exciting and talented sports stars in the world right now. The Notorious series will give viewers the opportunity to witness firsthand the dedication and discipline it takes to conquer the UFC at the highest level, but also reveals the man behind the moves with exclusive footage of his personal life outside the octagon.”

McGregor has undoubtedly made quite a name for himself both inside and outside of the ring for his incredible skill, confidence and charisma, or in other words, being as mad as a spoon. As the trailer points out though, love him or hate him, you can't help but watch him...