There wasn't a dry eye in the house last night for Emmerdale fans as Robert and Aaron (Robron, as they're now known) finally tied the knot after years of their turbulent romance.

The pair were all set to get married in a surprise wedding organised by Robert in The Woolpack, however, a dampener was put on events when the police rocked up to arrest Faith.

Not wanting to let their big moment slip by, Aaron then whisked Robert off to the garage, where the pair first, eh, consummated the relationship, and they both then exchanged their vows in private... and it was damn well beautiful, so it was.

Sure, it's not legally binding, and Aaron is off to serve a prison sentence soon, but it's still about as romantic a wedding as we have ever seen on a soap.

Speaking at an Emmerdale press event last week, producer Iain MacLeod explained: "You will have inferred that it's not an 'official wedding', so a little sneaky part of me thought we could have two bites of the cherry here.

"There are no firm plans for part two in place, but it feels like in time they will want to sign and seal the deal legally."

Well we'll happily watch another day out for this pair down the line, and so will their fans if the reaction on Twitter is anything to go by: