We're freaking out. Are you freaking out? We're. Freaking. Out.

U.S. Thrones fans were treated to an IMAX screening of the last two episodes of Season 4 of the show in select screens across the country yesterday, and those who waited until the end got a very special treat in the form of a full two minute trailer for the upcoming fifth season. And boy what a treat it is.

There's no official clean version of it yet, but we're sure HBO will rectify that in the coming hours. But for now prepare to get chills as you get glimpses of what all our favourite Westerosi people are getting up to.

There's talk of failure and revenge for Sansa and the Lannisters, we get to see a fully-bearded Tyrion on the run teaming up with Varys in what it looks like is a mission to find Daenerys and put her on the Iron Throne, more of Jon Snow fighting wildlings (looks like he finally knows something) and Arya doing plenty of mysterious things now that she's crossed the sea to Braavos. And all set to a cover of David Bowie's 'Heroes'. What can it all mean? We'll have to wait until Monday April 13th to find out, but damn it looks good.